QML import could not be resolved any of the import paths : QtQuick.Controls.Material.impl

  • I'm a beginner with Qt programing , i'm trying to build a native control application for smart home and i have some problem when i try to use the QtQuick.Controls.Material. The compile output report :


    Warning : QML import could not be resolved any of the import paths: QtQuick.Controls.impl
    Warning : QML import could not be resolved any of the import paths: QtQuick.Controls.Material.impl

    It still working when i deploy the project on desktop Qt 5.7.1 MSVC2015 kit , but when i deploy on Android for x86 (GCC 4.9 , Qt 5.7.1) kit , it doesn't work

    please help me to fix it !

  • Compiling for Android gives such warnings, but for me the compiled application works nevertheless. As usual, you should provide more information: "it doesn't work" isn't enough. What you exactly do, what you expect to happen and what really happens/doesn't happen.

  • Thanks for reading my problem !
    My English still so bad , so i sorry for make you obscure !
    I try to build an user interface for the smart home control application and i want to add the Material style on the interface to change the color of theme and accent . It look good when i deploy my projeck on desktop Qt 5.7.1 MSVC2015 kit and run it , but when i deploy it on Android for x86 (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.7.1) and run it on Android virtual device it doesn't work , just a white screen in my app . The " Import QtQuick.Control. Material 2.0" has the red underline . Help me to fix it , please !

  • @Trung-Nguyen
    The white screen could be a problem with the Android emulator which comes with the Android SDK. I start the emulator from command line and add switch "-gpu swiftshader". I use cygwin terminal and have added an alias:

    alias emulator-6='/cygdrive/c/Users/Eeli/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/tools/emulator.exe -avd 6 -gpu swiftshader'

    (The avd have been created with name "6" beforehand.)

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