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can Qt Labs Controls QML Types uesed in qt 5.5.0?

  • I have installed two different version of QT - 5.6.1 and 5.5.1

    I could use Qt Labs Controls QML Types like Popup in 5.6.1, but not works in 5.51 because there are no Qt.labs.controls moudle in 5.5.1

    Does qt 5.5.1 support Qt Labs Controls ? Is there any way I could Use them in qt 5.5.1?

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    In Qt 5.7 they became the QtQuick Controls 2 and are now fully supported.

    No, there is no version of this module for Qt 5.5.x. Maybe you could compile it manually somehow, but I'm not sure it will work (I vaguely recall that the new controls depend on some new APIs from Qt 5.6 and 5.7 in order to run).

  • Indeed, we made quite some fixes in Qt QML and Qt Quick themselves, for properly supported Qt Quick Controls 2 you have to use Qt 5.7.0 and up. Since Qt tends to be very compatible with old versions, there's usually no reason not to upgrade.

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