QtWebEngine compilation with proprietary codecs doesn't work

  • Hello,

    I'm in charge of a software which uses Qt SDK and it need the web browser included. We switched to Qt 5.7 to get modern web capabilities. We solved all our migration problems from QtWebkit to QtWebengine, except one thing : MP3 playback. And we really need it.

    So I followed this article https://blog.qt.io/blog/2016/06/03/netflix-qt-webengine-5-7/ and somes others on the Internet.

    My target is Qt 5.7.1 32bits with MSVC2015. My approach was to download from github the qtwebengine module, supply everything it needs for compilation. I added the line "WEBENGINE_CONFIG+=use_proprietary_codecs" (and in doubt, "WEBENGINE_CONFIG+=proprietary_codecs", I saw it somewhere written that way) to "qtwebengine.pro" file. I saw the log saying "Proprietary codecs (H264, MP3).... Enabled", so I assumed the configuration was ok. The compilation was successful.

    Then, my first idea was to copy the new dlls directly over the SDK ones in my application folder. And ... That didn't work.
    My second idea was to recompile my application with everything generated by the qtwebengine build. So I replaced all the files from the Qt SDK folder. I added an extra "WEBENGINE_CONFIG+=use_proprietary_codecs" to my own project. The compilation was successful, but I still don't have MP3 support.

    So please, is someone here can tell me, how I can get that damned MP3 support ? :'(

  • I would be interested to know if you fixed the issue.
    I am also trying to recompile for Netflix support.
    Would be nice if you could only copy the codecs/plugins to our application instead of rebuilding every time from source.

  • Any update on this?
    Or a guide on how to build QWebEngine with propretary codecs? I find hard to get the information for that.

    New framework Electron is much easier to use, no need to recompile, for anyone interested

  • Hello,

    I fixed the issue and I posted the solution on stack. I'm sorry I forgot I posted my bug in here too.


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