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Building Qt from sources problems

  • Hi everyone.
    Is it ok that SDK 4.7.3 for windows has no DOC folder and has EXAMPLES and DEMOS folders lie outside of source folder? If you run configure you'll get errors about missing files.

  • you have to configure your destination folder for project, and project must be in same drive as in sdk. otherwise it will show error

  • Just wondering why you prefer to build the doc/examples/demos by yourselves rather than getting it easily from Qt SDK binaries.

  • If you insist on building by youself, you can try "configure help" can find the suitable configuration options.

    such as:

    Usage: configure.bat [-prefix (dir)] [headerdir (dir)] [libdir (dir)]
    [-bindir (dir)] [-tests] [-examples]
    [-debug] [-release] [-silent]


    -prefix (dir) ..... This will install everything relative to dir
    (default prefix: C:\QtMobility)
    -headerdir (dir) .. Header files will be installed to dir
    (default prefix: PREFIX/include)
    -libdir (dir) ..... Libraries will be installed to dir
    (default PREFIX/lib)
    -bindir (dir) ..... Executables will be installed to dir
    (default PREFIX/bin)
    -plugindir (dir) .. Plug-ins will be installed to dir
    (default PREFIX/plugins)
    -examplesdir (dir) Examples will be installed to dir
    (default PREFIX/bin)
    -demosdir (dir) ... Demos will be installed to dir
    (default PREFIX/bin)
    -debug ............ Build with debugging symbols
    -release .......... Build without debugging symbols
    -silent ........... Reduces build output
    -tests ............ Build unit tests (not build by default)
    Note, this adds test symbols to all libraries
    and should not be used for release builds.
    -examples ......... Build example applications
    -demos ............ Build demo applications
    -no-docs .......... Do not build documentation (build by default)
    -modules <list> ... Build only the specified modules (default all)
    Choose from: bearer contacts gallery location publishsubscri
    messaging multimedia systeminfo serviceframework
    sensors versit organizer feedback connectivity
    Modules should be separated by a space and surrounded
    by double quotation. If a selected module depends on other m
    those modules (and their dependencies) will automatically be
    -vc ............... Generate Visual Studio make files
    -languages ........ Languages/translations to be installed (e.g.: ar de ko)
    (default is empty)
    -no-nfc-symbian ... Disables the NFC Symbian backend.

  • I would strongly recommend building from a source distribution instead of building from the SDK. There seems to be a lot of things that can go wrong if you try to build from a binary distribution (even if the binary distribution contains source code).

  • thanks for the replies

    Yes, you're right. There is no problem when I use source package from here

    That means that sources in SDK are wrong. DON`T USE THEM.

  • I wouldn't say they are wrong, I think they are not necessarily there for the purpose of building the SDK. After all, a binary distribution has already been built. I think of the sources in the SDK as something that is included to facilitate debugging, and to make it possible to have a look at the source code when you need to understand what a function does in detail, and how it does it.
    But then of course, if someone wants to rebuild the SDK or parts of it, it would be nice if it was possible to build it from the sources included in the SDK. No idea why it doesn't work, or if it's intended to work or not. I've just come to the conclusion that building Qt from a source distributuion usually works, building from a binary distribution usually doesn't.

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