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QTableWidget: Set specific row's color

  • Hi,

    I am using QTableWidget since it offers many features with respect to custom cell widgets animation etc. I want to set the color of a specific row at runtime. How do I do this?

    Is creating a delegate the only way to do this? How can it be done with delegates?

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    It can done with QTableWidgetItem as follows:

    QTableWidget::item {
        background-color: red;

  • @p3c0 ```
    ui->tablewidget-setitem(row, column, new QTableWidgetItem (string) ) ;
    ui->tablewidget-item(row, column)->setbackground(QBrush(QColor(250,0,0))):

    This code has no impact on the color of the qwidgetitem. 
    I also tried ```
    ui->tablewidget-item(row, column) ->setData(Qt::BackgroundRole, QColor (250,0,0)) 

    Even that doesn't work. I cannot use stylesheets since I want to change the color of a specific row at runtime.

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    @sunil-nair Check this example. To color the entire row you will need to iterate through all the cells and apply the same logic.

  • void setRowBackground(const QBrush& brush, QAbstractItemModel* model, int row, const QModelIndex& parent = QModelIndex() ){
    if(!model || row<0 || row>=model->rowCount(parent))
    if(parent.isValid() && parent.model() != model){
    for(int i=0;i<model->columnCount(parent);++i)

    now you can use it with:

  • @VRonin thanks for the reply. I tried your code. I am going into the model->setData block but I am not able to see any change in color. Do I need to do any more settings. I tried to also set a qstyleditemdelegate to my qtablewidget but the color doesn't change.

  • Are you using a custom QAbstracItemModel or a custom QStyledItemDelegate?

  • I am using a qabstractitemmodel only. But it is not changing the row color.

  • @sunil.nair said in QTableWidget: Set specific row's color:

    I am using a qabstractitemmodel only

    Your problem is in there then. could you post the code of your model?

  • @VRonin hey it works. I created a separate qt project and it's working there. I will see if I am doing something wrong in my project.

    Actually the row to which I am trying to set a background color also has some color set to it in table widget stylesheet. Also tablewidget items also have a background color. I will check there. Thanks again.