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Save QtableData in csv file

  • I am facing a minor issue while saving data from QStandatdItemViewModel of TableView in a text file seperated by comma and newline.
    The problem is if i dont update the model then the data is stored properly. But if i update any filed in the tableview the newline is skipped.

    Please help.

    void MainWindow::mSaveTextFile()
        // [Collect model data to QString]
        QString textData;
        int rows = pModel->rowCount();
        int columns = pModel->columnCount();
        qDebug() << rows<<"  "<<columns;
        for (int i = 0; i < rows; i++)
            for (int j = 0; j < columns; j++)
                    textData += pModel->data(pModel->index(i,j)).toString();
                    qDebug() <<textData<<endl;
                    if(j == 0)
                        textData += ", " ;     // for .csv file format
            textData += "\n";             // ( for new line segmentation)
        // [Save to file] (header file <QFile> needed)
        // .txt
        QFile txtFile(sSaveFile);
        if(txtFile.open(QIODevice::WriteOnly | QIODevice::Truncate)) {
            QTextStream out(&txtFile);
            out << textData;

  • @Abhi_oct30

    I have added source code markers with the right icon above the edit window.

    Your source looks for the newline character ok to me.

    Odd is the check with j==0. This will work only for 2 columns. For other cols the output will be skipped.

    I would try to use the debugger with some break points in the loop. Then you can check step by step.

  • my data is having 2 columns so my intention is to add " , " only after 1 column data. After 2nd column I want new line to be added.For this j==0 check is made.
    Expected data:
    Adam, 20
    Charles, 40
    Delta-F , 70
    Falcon, 35

    Observed Output:
    Adam, 20
    Charles, 40Delta-F , 70
    Falcon, 35

    This occurs only if i edit the field with value 40.

  • @Abhi_oct30

    Do you see this output in the output file or with qDebug() you are using?

  • @koahnig output file.

  • You are saving in binary format rather than text that's what's causing your problem (i.e. you have to open the file with the QIODevice::Text flag). you also have to escape special characters in the fields (what happens if there is a , or a " in the first column?)

    I have implemented this code: https://github.com/VSRonin/Qt-Model-Serialisation/tree/dev the documentation is not yet complete (hence it not being merged in the master branch) but the example should give you a stating point and if you struggle I'm happy to help

    CsvModelSerialiser csvSave(pModel);
    QFile tempFile("TestSave.csv");
    if(!csvSave.saveModel(&tempFile)) Q_ASSERT(false);

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