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WPF within Qt

  • Good day,

    I'm not familiar with WPF, I recently heard about and apparently it's a good tool for graphic interaction/display. My question, is it possible to integrate WPF in QGraphicscene? if yes, how about the WPF functionalities? for example I want to have a signal connected to something in WPF graphics.



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    Why on earth would you want a Frankenstein's monster like that? Apart from the obvious maintenance and debugging nightmare the only way this would work is if you had a widget container with embedded native window hooked up somehow to allow .Net painting on it. While possible to do, any kind of performance is out the window and there would be z-ordering problems for sure.

    Qt and WPF are two completely different technologies. Qt has its own set of excellent graphics related classes. If you have a Qt app go with Qt's graphics stack. If you have a WPF app go with that. Don't mix and match. It's only gonna hurt you in the long (and probably short too) run.

  • @Chris-Kawa Thanks for your reply! indeed I realized how it is complex and it's better to go either with WPF alone or Qt with some extra libraries...

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