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Qwt Plot in QTabWidget - MDIArea

  • I have created a class derived from QMainWindow for some of the plots that I already have in my application so that it may have functionality that QMainWindow offers such as the toolbar and setting the central widget to be the plot. For the next part of my application I am looking to have a QWT plot inside a tab in a QTabWidget. I have been looking at the MDIArea widget in order to do this because ideally what I would like would be to have my QMainWindow inside the MDI Area so the plot could have the toolbar and be the central widget. I am thinking that instead of defining my custom QMainWindow class that holds the custom QwtPlot widget I am going to need to make the QMainWindow class inherit from MDISubWindow instead, but again I do not want to lose the Toolbar and setCentralWidget functionality. Any ideas on how I could go about doing this?

  • Just tried adding the QMainWindow sub class to the MdiArea and it worked perfectly. One thing that I want is to always have it maximized and to not allow the user to minimize it or restore to the original size.

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