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Qt 5.5.1 MDI Windows Only: Does Anyone Know Of Some Good Tutorials?

  • Hello,

    I currently have a Qt SDI program that I use to program control equipment. However, the form is getting too large for my comfort. I want to move the program from the SDI interface to a MDI interface. There seem to be a lack of tutorials out on the net for what I am looking for. Can someone point me to a helpful tutorial on the following subjects? I'm trying to:

    Create only one instance of the subwindows and toggle showing/hiding the subwindows through submenus (I did not find anything on this)
    Have the subwindows send data back to the main window.
    Dock the subwindows to the main window as if they were toolboxes.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean something like the MDI example in Qt's documentation ?

  • Hello, this is ProgramBase2 (I forgot my login credentials for my previous account) - sorry.

    Can anyone help me out with this problem? I forgot to mention what I'm looking for.

    Can anyone please direct me to a tutorial or a book that instructs how to achieve the goals I posted?
    Please do not direct me to a existing code project, I am not interested in the finished product. I am interested in how the person got to the finished product.
    Also, please do not direct me to a basic tutorial. I am looking for something advanced (maybe solemn done in Qt before). I've seen it work in other MDI programs, so I know it can be done.

    Thanks again (I'll remember my credentials this time).

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