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QWebEnginePage::runJavaScript() doesn't work on an offline page.

  • Hi there guys, compliments of the season. I have a very a small problem and I hope this is where I will find assistance. I'm creating this web crawler that mines data off websites. Here is my problem, I am using QNAM to pull the HTML from a website and then I create a QWebEnginePage object where I set the HTML for the purpose of using the QWebEnginePage::runJavaScript() to extract the data I need from the HTML. The problem is that the QWebEnginePage::runJavaScript() function doesn't work if my webpage is in offline mode. The same javascript code works just fine if I run it on an online page. What could be the problem?

    //The two lines of code below are in my constractor.
    page = new QWebEnginePage(this);
    connect(page, &QWebEnginePage::loadFinished, this, &CPT_Page::extract_tender_table);
    void CPT_Page::createPage(QStringList linksList)
        QFile tempFile(QDir::currentPath().append("/Include/Program_Files/tenderMainPage.txt"));
        if(! | QFile::Text))
            qDebug() << "File did not open" << endl;
        QByteArray byteArr = tempFile.readAll();
        QWebEngineView *view = new QWebEngineView();
    //HTML finished loading to page slot.
    void CPT_Page::extract_tender_table()
        page->runJavaScript("function retriev_main_table(){"
                            "var x = document.getElementById(\"rfqsTable\").innerHTML;"
                            "return x;"
                            "retriev_main_table();", [&](const QVariant &data){
            qDebug() << data.toString() <<endl;

  • Can your page show content when using page->setHtml(byteArr); ?

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