Very large scrollable area

  • I'm implementing a timeline view which is zoomable. When zoomed in fully the scrollable area becomes much larger than the maximum window size, so I need to implement this myself. I have the rendering code done, but need to know what a classes I should use to construct this. (I have a GTK implementation that I'm moving to QT).

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    You mean what class for the scrolling part?

    This will do just that

  • My experience with GTK at least was that the scrollable area was limited to 65k pixels in size, and I need something much larger, so I had to implement my own scrollable area / repaint code. Can QT handle unlimited size here? I need something on the order of 64 bits, thus all position and size variables should be 64 bit.


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    The pos is ints
    The max i could place a button on was 999999999 inside the scroll area.

    I assume you mean the scroll area control would be say 1920x1080 and the virtual area like
    100.000x100.000 ?

  • Yes - the scroll area could be 1920x1080 and the virtual area could be 100,000,000,000 x 100. (100 billion pixels across, larger than an int 32). This is why I believe I need a custom widget to do this, or a manual implementation.

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