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QtCreator: clang analyzer can't find GCC special functions

  • Hi all!
    I'm quite new to qtcreator and I'm still discovering all functionalities. I'm using Linux Manjaro (Arch based), GCC, OpenCV and PortCloud Library (I don't think that the following issue is dued to OpenCV and/or PortCloud Library).

    I would like to run the clang analyzer (version 3.9.1) from inside qtcreator 4.2, but it tells me that clang can't find '__builtin_ia32_addss' and others similar.

    Following clang official handbook, I tried to add to every file the following lines:

    #include <mmintrin.h>
    #include <emintrin.h>
    // [...] all other similar header files on my include path

    Any suggestion?

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