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Launching Gnome Terminal Stop QTimer

  • When I launch a gnome terminal from my QtGUI, the QTimer appears to be suspended until the gnome terminal is closed. Is there any way to fix that? The GUI that brings the gnome terminal up and the gnome terminal are not modal. I bring the gnome terminal up in the background. Do I need to put the gnome terminal in a sleep loop so the QTimer gets some CPU cycles?

  • @DougyDrumz Are you talking about launching the terminal with QProcess? If so it shouldn't have any impact on your current application for timers or blocking of threads or anything like that.

    Can you show some code for launching the process and the timer you are expecting to fire?

  • Yoiu know, I didn't use QProcess. Maybe that's what I should have done. Right now, a separete class (and executable) launches the gnome terminal using a system command.

  • @DougyDrumz That may be the issue. system may be blocking the thread which stops the timer from kicking off.

    Try converting to QProcess, it's super easy to use and see if you still have issues.

    If you don't want to convert, you can try putting that system call in it's own thread and see if that fixes things for you.

  • Worked like a charm! Thanks.

  • QProcess that is.

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