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Qt Creator not showing any examples.

  • Re: qt-creator not showing any examples.


    I just installed on my Gentoo Linux system the Qt Creator version 4.2.0 .
    I have the same issue as in the referenced topic above mrjj.

    So, when on Welcome I click on Examples I get no examples at all.
    I can't select any qt version on the drop down menu at all.
    I can not search between examples, I can not chose any examples out there. Why?

    What package must I install, to have examples in Qt Creator?

    Best, from Pali

  • @Pali

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    From where did you install Qt creator?

    Basically you should be able to install with the online installer and be ready to go. The online installer for community version is available from here

  • Hi @koahnig ,

    I did install Qt creator from the Gentoo package dev-qt/qt-creator.

  • @Pali

    You may want to try the installer from Qt's webpage.

    Note: Qt creator stand-alone is nothing else than an IDE. When you like to see also Qt examples from Qt libs, then you need to install also Qt libs including the examples. I do not know Geentoo distro, but I would tend to install directly from Qt webpage anyway.

  • @koahnig Must I run the downloaded qt-unified-linux-x64-2.0.4-online.run as root user?

  • @Pali

    As far as I remember: yes or at least the admin rights.
    I am using windows, but I need there as well the rights to install stuff. It is a while ago that I had installed Qt on Ubuntu.

  • @koahnig OK Just started the installer as root. The installation directory is /opt/Qt/
    Before I start it, I must to change it to can it execute. I did this in Midnight Commander.
    The command on command line prompt would be: 'chmod +x qt-unified-linux-x64-2.0.4-online.run' I think.
    Success! I have now installed the latest Qt creator with Examples too.

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