Communications over Wi-Fi

  • Hello, I'm developing a desktop application using Qt, and for it to work, it needs to communicate with Android and iOS devices over Wi-Fi (neither of the mobile devices will be running Qt-based software). I was wondering what the best way to go about doing this would be? (the information being transmitted will be small data files, signals, and handshakes to ensure they are connected)

  • QTcpSocket is something needed for you I think.

  • From a Qt standpoint, Denis is right. QTcpSocket (or perhaps QTcpServer -- depending on what your needs are) will give you the starting point in Qt, but I think that the biggest thing will be to make sure you have your communications protocol down and everything designed thoroughly. After that, the network communication part should be fairly straightforward.

  • Thank you, I was also wondering what protocols I should be using for communication between the devices?

  • Unfortunately, I don't think there's anyone that can answer that here, with as little information as you've given. Even so, it's out of the scope of Qt. You could look at some of the Networking examples which are included with Qt to see some examples of how some communications are done.

    However, if anyone has anything additional to suggest, I'm sure it will be said.

  • Need socket programming (QtNetwork module needed) for binaries communication for PC/Qt supported devices, as for iOS/Andriod, need also socket programming which iOS/Android supported.

  • changsheng230, socket is always socket and it doesn't matter what os/arch sits on the other side. What do you mean by "socket programming which iOS/Android supported"?

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