How do I install widgets from Qt-Apps?

  • I've downloaded a QPropertyEditor that I was interested in from "here":, and I'm a bit confused about how I should install it/integrate it into my applications.

    The help folder only contains some obscure .dxy format I haven't seen before, along with a batch file. I try running the batch and it doesn't recognize the command "doxygen". So I assume this some sort of unpacking algorithm. But how do I use it?

    The src and include folders are pretty streightforward, but the bin folder is empty, and the lib folder only contains some sort of .a file (once again, never heard of it), all the more contributing to the confusion factor.

    So how do I integrate this library into an application using Qt Creator? Any insight is appreciated!

  • doxygen is the documentation generator.
    .a files are static library files for linux.

    You are very close: Specify the location of the includepath and the location of the static library file in your qmake file and your ready to go.

    @INCLUDEPATH += path/to/propertyeditor/include
    LIBS += -L/path/to/propertyeditor/libs -llibraryname_without_lib@

  • Obviously, the best one to ask is the author of the package...

  • Where's the qmake file you're referring to dialingo? Do you mean the .pro files?

    I actually did something similar to what you said by putting the includes and libs in their corrosponding places in my MinGW folder, since it looked like that might be the intention. It seems to include it but whenever I create an instance of QPropertyEditorWidget it complains about a few undefined references about the constructor and destructor, as if it's not linking to the libs properly...

    And I would normally do that Andre, but Volki's last post was back on the 7th of October last year... so... I'd assume it'd be a while before I'd get any feedback from him. xD

    EDIT: I've gotten it to work by adding the LIB and INCLUDEPATH variables to my .pro file. Seems to be good enough. Thanks!

  • Incidentally, Doxygen is available "here.": It's very handy to have around, in general.

  • Congratulation to your success!

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