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QTest::qExec as QProcess

  • Hello!
    I would like to use QtTest::qExec function instead of calling any "real" binary in QPRocess::start - is such thing possible? Should I subclass QProcess and override QProcess::start() ? How?
    I'm implementing QtTest based driver for cucumber-cpp. My code can be found at github.
    Long story short I'm using QtTest to run tests written in gherkin which is used in BDD. Currently on POSIX systems I'm using pipes and on windows saving QtTest output to temporary file to read it again.
    I think that using QProcess qould be better to intercept output from QtTest, but qExec is not real executable to be used in QProcess::start, on the other hand it behaves much like standalone executable.
    Compiling each step into real binary executable is not an option.

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