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Tips - How to sync several QSplitter

  • Hello everyone,
    Today I'm delivering a small tip, taht allows me to sync two horizontal QSplitter.
    So let's begin by the problem, QSplitter can emit a signal when is moved : QSplitter::splitterMoved(int, int)
    But we don't have a method that allow us to set the new position, QSplitter:moveSplitter(int,int) is protected.

    So let's write a new class and call it like you want, in my case QsplitterExt

    #ifndef QSPLITTEREXT_H
    #define QSPLITTEREXT_H
    #include <QSplitter>
    class QSplitterExt : public QSplitter
    public slots:
        void moveSplitter(int pos, int index)
            if( index >= sizes().size() )
            bool oldState = blockSignals(true);
            QSplitter::moveSplitter(pos, index);
    #endif // QSPLITTEREXT_H

    Now we got an external slot to receive a signal.

    Let connect splitters:

    QSplitterExt* h1Splitter = new QSplitterExt;
    QSplitterExt* h2Splitter = new QSplitterExt;
    connect(h1Splitter,SIGNAL(splitterMoved(int, int)),h2Splitter,SLOT(moveSplitter(int,int)));
    connect(h2Splitter,SIGNAL(splitterMoved(int, int)),h1Splitter,SLOT(moveSplitter(int,int)));

    It work like a charm!

    Best regard!

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