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QT-Creator versions for Windows compiled with multiple compilers

  • Good day all

    Please note, I am attempting to teach myself c++, etc. I am not very familiar with compilers, and what each used for, etc, so please dumb down the explainations :p

    I noticed various installers for QT-Creator. There are 2 different compilers used for Windows installers, the MSVC and MinGW.

    What is the purpose/significance of using different compilers?

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    Only mingw have actual compiler included.
    The VS Qt do not have the compiler and it must be downloaded from Microsoft.
    The Qt contains runtimes files (DLLS) and they are precompiled. On windows that means
    that any app using those DLLS should be compiled with same compiler for it to work.
    So the Qt for mingw dont work for VS and reverse.
    Visual Studio have better support for external Libs
    where as mingw gives a good out of the box experience. ( nothing extra to install)

    So VS is the standard for many projects and is often supported by other projects.

    Mingw on the other hand is less supported but fast to get up and running with.

    Hope it helps. Else just ask.

    Update: So to learn some c++ , mingw is perfect :)

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