Qt is not compiling

  • Hello everyone, I was having trouble with Qt saying that couldn't include a file from MSVC and then I decided to clean my computer, I removed the MSVC 2015, Qt and everything related to it.
    I installed MSVC 2015 and it worked, I just finished installing Qt 5.7 and Qt Creator 4.2.0 and I can't compile anything.

    That is what happens when I try to compile something:

    And that is how my compilers looks like on Qt Creator:

    Kits tab:

    Hover the exclamation icon:
    kits hover

    Qt Versions tab:
    qt versions

    Compilers tab:

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    When you installed the 2015 VS did you check the C++ parts to be installed?
    I think to recall something about it being off pr default

    ahh here

  • I think that I did that, but I'm going to see it anyway.

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    Ok. You can also test this making a c++ program in visual studio. :)

  • I decided to go in a more brutal way, I'm going to format my computer (it's a mess)

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    Well good plan ! :)
    If you make/have another partition than c: then you can easy use this tools
    It can restore windows FROM windows if image placed on other drive/partition.
    Used it for many years to avoid all the work with re-installing.
    is perfect for installing browsers etc as its 100% sure not to contain any
    unwanted software of any kind. And you just check off the ones u want and all is installed with 1 click.
    No next, next, next, next, next, next, next, next, next :)

    Note: drivesnapshot FREE version will stop being able to make
    new images but allows restore after
    trial ended.

  • That is amazing, thank you, I do have a drive called D where I keep all my files and softwares I use.

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    Well if you want then, it's perfect for using imagining so you don't have to start completely over
    on next reinstall. Note that drivesnapshot can make backup while windows is running :)
    With win 10 new refresh feature and ninite.com it is not as needed as in older times but
    it takes around 5 mins to restore an image so it is fact a very fast way to get clean windows back.
    The image is compressed and will take up around 50% of the drive you backup. So if its 50 GB. then image is
    25 GB. I have yet to see a corrupted image. :)
    Ps. the tools need no installation. its 100% self contained. just 1 exe. :)

  • I finished and now everything is working properly. Thank you @mrjj

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