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Access to older Qt modules

  • I have just noted that the access to older code modules has changed. AFAIK there was before a possibility to download all source at once in a zip file.

    Now I could "download" the whole stuff only by usng git. Which is ok for me.

    However, what is with users not knowing git?
    Is there another possibility to download at once?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Do you mean the archive of the full sources of one Qt release ? If so you can find them here. You can get either each module separately or the whole sources.

  • @SGaist

    The question is related to QFtp download in the other thread. As far as I remember you could could simply download the whole package (QFtp) and unzip without knowing git. Maybe I am off track here as well in respect of QFtp, but I am pretty sure that I have downloaded Qt stuff as smaller zip. If you know git it is pretty easy, but I am not sure if one expect this from beginners.

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    Gitorious might have provided that option at some point indeed.

    However, git being currently a pretty important tool to know, I'd say it's not a bad thing to learn the basics to use it. One of the advantage you have with it is that you don't need to take care of line endings since git will handle them for you. e.g. the Zip for Qt sources are for Windows while the other are for *nix systems. It happened several times that people choose to download the tar file because it was smaller on Windows and got strange errors due to the different line endings.

  • @SGaist

    I do not argue the importance of git. I am really glad to have switched from svn to git, no doubt about that.

    I just see it critical to have an additional burden to install git and handle the initial basics, when you are struggeling with all the rest. I favor to set priorities.

    Certainly it is good that git can be used directly through creator, but you still have to install it separately, don't you?

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    Well I also miss the http zip file download as seen on github
    alt text

    I did install git at home also but frankly i use zip option when possible as its just easier as i dont use git that often and
    have to check the cmd to check out etc to be sure i get all etc. So i fully see @koahnig point of view.

    But @SGaist points are perfectly valid in regards on getting right line endings, the current version and
    all kinds of benefits.

    But even i'm all in for them needing to learn git then maybe
    some other day when not combined with understanding how
    to compile and install a Qt module.

    So since it's Xmas , i just wish we offered both :)

  • @mrjj

    At least all this gives me the confidence that I did not overlook the obvious. ;)

    The automatic changing of line ending is certainly an advantage.
    However, at the beginning I thought having the complete repository all the time is a complete waste. With time I started to appreciate that feature. Makes live much easier.

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    @Konstantin-Tokarev Thanks ! I managed to miss that one.

  • @Konstantin-Tokarev

    Thanks, that slipped my memory as well.
    It looks really familiar now, when looking at it.

    The minor drawback is that the source is not as actual as in git.

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