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QTextEdit : How to find the visible part

  • The problem is how to find out exactly which part of the QTextEdit is currently visible, meaning starting with the first block#/line#/character# that is visible and ending with the last block#/line#/character# that is still visible.

    A solution that returns the positions of these characters inside the QTextEdit is good enough, as these can be converted to block#/line#/character#.

    I have seen one very partial solution (here) that involved arithmetic between the viewport and the bounding rectangles of blocks. But beside its complexity, it only finds block-numbers.

    Can anybody answer this question?

  • Finally it's up to me to answer my question.

    One can use QTextEdit::cursorForPosition that uses viewport coordinates

    QTextEdit textEdit;
    int start_pos = textEdit.cursorForPosition(QPoint(0, 0)).position();
    QPoint bottom_right(textEdit.viewport()->width() - 1, textEdit.viewport()->height() - 1);
    int end_pos = textEdit.cursorForPosition(bottom_right).position();

  • This post is deleted!

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