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QUdpSocket writeDatagram fail. Error: "QAbstractSocket::NetworkError"

  • I need send big data in short time, but have a problem with QUdpSocket.
    Simple test:

    #include <QUdpSocket>
    void Test_Fail_QUdpSocket(int packet_size)
        qDebug() << "Start test, packet_size: " << QString::number(packet_size);
        QUdpSocket socket;
        socket.setSocketOption(QAbstractSocket::SendBufferSizeSocketOption, 10*1024*1024); // is not helped
        qint64 sended_all = 0;
            QByteArray bytes(packet_size, 0xcc);
            //QUdpSocket socket; //if uncomment it - working, but too slow 
            qint64 sended = socket.writeDatagram(bytes, QHostAddress(""), 50000);
            if( sended<0 )
                qDebug() <<"Err: " << QString::number(socket.error()) << "\tSended: " << QString::number(sended_all);
                //I get error with any "sended_all":  7 - QAbstractSocket::NetworkError
            socket.flush(); // is not helped
            sended_all += packet_size;
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])

    If QHostAddress("") - then all good with any packet_size <= 8192.
    But if host addres is any real host in local network (1Gb) I get error with any packet_size (128,256,512,1024,2048,4096,8192)
    and all targets(x86, x64).

    But if I use Windows sockets(Winsock2.h) and function "send_to()" then all good!

    My: QT 5.5.1, MinGW_492_32, MSVC2013_32, MSVC2013_64.

  • you forgot to bind to the port, socket.bind(50000);

  • @VRonin said in QUdpSocket writeDatagram fail. Error: "QAbstractSocket::NetworkError":

    you forgot to bind to the port, socket.bind(50000);

    Binds UDP is needed if want to receive.

    I think so problem in component, becase it is sends packets long without error if I choose a small package size (<512).
    With windows sockets no such problem.

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