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Build Project QT Creator

  • Hello, I have problems after building a QT Creator Project, because when I try to execute my exe, it shows a message: "I don't have a xxx.ll library in my computer", but I do have this library.

    So, my question is;
    Is it necessary to configure the QT Creator 4.1.0 to build a project?
    And which steps are?

    Thank you

  • @viescam

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    You should provide information on the operation system and how you have installed Qt creator.

    In general there is an online installer available. This online installer allows the installation of Qt creator and required libraries. It does also in most cases the complete setup and you should be ready to start to use Qt creator directly. All tools have to be installed in a certain sequence which is done automatically with the online installer.

    Basically you can also install all tools seperately, but it is advisable to do so in the sequence required.

    Qt creator has a "Tools"->"Options"->"Build & Run" the setup details accessible. Check there if you find some warnings and/or error messages. Typically the first five tabs show these details. If you find something strange, post it here in the forum.

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