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Wrong OS style/theme?

  • Hello,

    after trying to find an answer for this on Google without any success, I hope that you can help me :-)

    I'm new to Qt and Qt Creator. I tried to run the examples that are available on Qt Creator and compiling just works fine but I get the old Windows 95 style instead of the "Linux" (GTK+) one.
    It doesn't matter what example I use, I never get the expected style/theme. And I haven't modified anything so far.


    Therefore my question:

    • Am I missing something? Is a package missing? Or are there settings that I've missed?

    I'm using:

    • Qt Creator 4.1.0 based on Qt 5.7.0 (installed in ~/Qt)
    • Linux Mint 18 with Cinnamon Desktop


  • Has anyone an idea? :-)

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    @archer96 Yea Qt uses the KDE styles. So if you are using a Gtk desktop it is going to use your Qt style.

    Most Gtk systems like Gnome (I've never tried Cinnamon so I don't know here) will have a setting to allow you to set your Qt/KDE style as well.

    Same with KDE which will allow you to set your Gtk style. It is in an attempt to have everything match as best as possible.

    If you want try installing KDE and run that same application to see if it has the same style as other windows. It should.

    This is completely due to your window manager in linux. Qt is more than likely doing exactly what it should be doing.

  • @ambershark Thanks for answering :-)

    There are many bug reports for the Cinnamon desktop with Linux Mint for Qt >= 5.7. It's because since Qt 5.7 the GTK+ theme isn't part of the core anymore.

    Long story short: I switched to Linux Mint 18.1 KDE and for now I can get started with Qt. :-)

    Kind regards,

  • @archer96 Oh thanks, I'm on Cinnamon here too, will look at changing to KDE - as long as I can has Gnome Console.

    edit: Actually that explains a lot, I was wondering why my Qt looked like pants on Mint. KDE on the way down right now!

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    You'll love KDE. It has always been one of my favorites. Plus the close integration with Qt makes it even better.

    I've used gnome a lot lately too though. A lot of people hated the new Gnome 3 changes, but I didn't mind them.

    It's not as full featured or nice as KDE though. But sometimes KDE acts a little weird due to some of the opengl stuff.

    And if all else fails, you can try arch. It isn't an easy to set up distribution but it's cutting edge. So everything is the newest of the new. Makes for a lot cooler of a linux experience in my opinion. :)

    Setup is not for the faint of heart though. There's no GUI, and I usually use a linux boot disk to get it going (one from sysreccd).