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Change file structure

  • Hi,

    i'd like to change the file structure a little bit:
    "D:...\ProjectName\source" for cpp files
    "D:...\ProjectName\header" for h files

    But i get problems while compiling the project with moc. I know how to setup Visual Studio to work with this file structure. But the additional Qt components don't work with this structure. Are there some options i need to change?? And where would i find them?

  • @QT-static-prgm said in Change file structure:

    the additional Qt components

    Could you define what you are referring to? if it's qmake, could you post your .pro file

  • Actually no. I just wanted to reproduce the problem, but it works now o.O

    So thank you for your help, but it seams that my problem solved itself. I'll reactivate this topic when i get this problem agin

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