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  • Hello everyone,
    I have to create QT quick 2 extension Plugin which includes simple qml file to draw rectangle
    after creating that extension plugin i have to use that plugin into another qt quick application to display that rectangle is it possible if so how to do that can anybody help !

    i referred Qt documentation exmple (clock) but unable to understand.

  • Can you perhaps say more precisely what is it that you don't understand?

    It's quite hard to answer a broad question like this, other than by pointing to a Qt Doc example(which you already found, so this clearly didn't help)

  • @Jagh i referred this example
    i am able to expose time class from example to qml side but in that example there are qml files like Clock.qml and plugins.Qml i want to use these qml files as components is it possible if so how to do that

    my qmldir contains

    module TimeExample
    Clock 1.0 Clock.qml
    plugin qmlqtimeexampleplugin

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