Initial impressions and Feedback for Qt Quick Components 1.0 for Symbain

  • We can use thread to provide some feedback about Symbian Qt Quick Components 1.0

    WOW... this is just great. I could port my Qt Ambassador application to use Symbian Qt Quick Components in couple of hours. These components are so easy to use.. Kudos to everybody who are involved in this.

    Couple of points...

    1. These components are very easy to learn and code.

    2)Thanks for providing images for common buttons like back. I don't need to struggle to make them myself. very smart move. Just set iconSource of your button to "toolbar-back", it just works.

    1. Now, loading/starting the app on the phone ( My Ambassador C7 ) takes almost double the time than with out Qt Quick Components. I hope this will be solved in the future. And may be I need to do better programming :(

    4)I guess programmers should be given more control to modify the font/other properties of some of the elements like "CheckBox" text property. And one more is for TextField editor radius. Its always rounded and I understand that its Symbain style, but I should be able to change it.

    1. I was expecting a "Label" element for text labels. :)

    2. Why is "ApplicationWindow" experimental? and others are not??

    3. there is no way to set text to "StatusBar". How do I display my app/current page name.

    4. How can I use a common ToolBarLayout for my entire application? I want to use PageStack and Page for Page navigation and don't want to set ToolBarLayout for every page when its common.

    1. I think ApplicationWindow should have an option to hide StatusBar but not Toolbar and vice versa.

  • +1 for styling/branding. E.g. I'd like to have a red toolbar with red buttons because red is the color of my customer. Something like that is currently not possible.

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