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Using Qt widgets in OpenGL application

  • Is there a way to use QTextEdit, QPushButton and other widgets and layouts in OpenGL application? For example, if I want styled text field with editable text, selection, copy&paste and a button to process this text in my game. Or should I use low-level features? If so, then from which features should I start? I can render text using QOpenGLTexture, QFontMetrics and QPainter, but instead I'd like to use QLabel.

  • Hi! If all you need is an overlay with controls over the scene, then you can simply place widgets on top of a QOpenGLWidget. If you somehow want to embed widgets in a 3D scene: no, that's not supported. In this case better use a game engine.

  • @Wieland My hobby for this month is own game engine :) And I think I've found a solution: rich text related classes QTextDocument, QTextLayout, QTextCursor etc. Rich text can be edited programmatically and rendered into texture using QPainter. I can create own text widgets.

  • There are also libraries that you can use in your OpenGL side to implement various UI features,

    CeGUI comes to my mind, but there are others.

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