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'Cascading Drop-down' and 'Resizing of Colomn' features of UI-Grid (Angular JS) dont work in QtWeb when compared to native browsers like firefox and chrome

  • Hi,

    Platform: Windows Qt5.5

    Try running the following example of ui-grid in Qt 'browser' or 'Fancy Browser' (Provided in Examples with Qt SDK v5.5)

    Example 1

    • Scroll down to the Demo Section
    • Double click on any cell of column 'Gender'
    • Click again to open Drop down.

    Problem: The Drop down appears for a fraction of a second and disappears right away.

    Example 2

    • Scroll down to the Demo Section
    • Try Resizing any column. (Name, Gender, Company)

    Problem: Flickering and Text selection (Blue color) can be seen while resizing columns.

    Both the above examples work very well in Firefox and Chrome but not when implemented through QtWebView.
    Any Leads?