QDialog in an application without a QApplication

  • Hi,

    I need to create a QDialog in an application that I can not (I won't go into all the details as for why) add a QApplication.
    I thought the correct way to do it is to create an ActiveX control.
    However I'm not sure how to create the Control so it will be displayed as a dialog in my application.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    What about putting Dialog in DLL and use that DLL with the App?

  • @mrjj
    I have two problems with that solution:
    1: My application has its own window and if I open the dialog in the different thread that was created in the other dll I will not be aware that a dialog was opened so I can't do it modal unless I'll get its win32 handle but I get I can create an API that pass me that info, but I thought a cleaner solution will be somehow if I create a modal dialog/window and embed in it the QDialog as an activeX control?
    2: If I'll want to create QWidgets other than QDialog this will not be a good solution I still think I'll need ActiveX controls as far as I understand and I want one solution for all the situations (I admit I did not mention that in my first post)

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    So using ActiveX should cure the need for event loop via QApplication ?
    (makes sense since its standalone/can be)

    Sorry I have never tried ActiveX so I dont know if that will work.

    Should be fast to test.

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