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Qt 5.7.0 has failed on Windows Server 2008

  • Hi Qt team,
    I got the issue from Qt 5.7.0 when I try to deploy it on windows server 2008 SP1. App has been built by Qt show a black screen or crash on startup. I also install VS2013 and Qt 5.7.0 on that PC but Qt seem not working right, build and project feature were disabled and startup screen of Qt Creator is black.
    I try these steps on 2 PC which same windows version and fail also.

    Note: My PC works with my app in previous Qt version (5.5.0)

    Please help me and thank you in advance!

  • @Percy said in QT 5.7.0 has failed on windows server 2008:

    startup screen of QT Creator is black

    that can be an OpenGL issue. Qt 5.7.0 by default builds with the "opengl dynamic" option, which may not work correctly on WINDOWS 2008 Server. If your app uses OpenGL you can try to influence the opengl mode explicitly by settings the environment variable QT_OPENGL to desktop or angle.

  • @m.sue

    I am facing the same problem on our application when it runs on window server 2008. Could you tell me how can we enable openGL?

    I have tried to add QT_OPENGL environment variable to system with value desktop/angle. but it does not help. maybe value is wrong. Could you tell me more about this? Does app need to re-build or change something?

  • Hi,

    @William.Tran: Do you work via standard WINDOWs Remote Desktop? With this old server version, you may then also run into this issue:


  • @m.sue

    I think it is not. because the problem only happen on my application.

  • Hi,

    has a demo like "qt-src-5.8.0\qt3d\examples\qt3d\basicshapes-cpp\debug\basicshapes-cpp.exe" the same problem?


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