Which method is used to show a print preview for a web page?

  • I know this is an common question, but this time i can't solved it.
    I want to show a print preview of of a web page ( which long is more than 2 pages) and Qt support class QPrintPreviewDialog to do this task . In the earlier version of Qt i only need to connect the "paintRequest" SIGNAL with the QWebView::print SLOT and it'll be done correctly.
    But in the version of Qt 5.7 (and now 5.8 beta) i can't use this method anymore because it have been removed.
    I have implemented my own SLOT to show the preview of a web page(which is connected to the paintRequest SIGNAL). The following is what i did:

    // print preview current page
    void WebView::printPreview(QPrinter *printer){
        QPainter painter(printer);

    With the web page long one screen then everything is well. But when the web page is too long, it only shows a partial of the web page with a scroll bar.
    Anyone has any idea or solution for it? Thanks.

    • You can import an sample of demo browser in Qt 5.8 beta to be an example of this case.

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