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QML Loader: signal when Item is completed

  • I am changing one page in a SwipeView depending on buttons pressed on a different page of that SwipeView

    SwipeView {
       Item { id: firstPage
          MyButton { onClicked: secondPage.setSource("PageA.qml") }
          MyButton { onClicked: secondPage.setSource("PageB.qml") } 
        Loader { id: secondPage }

    I need to access the objects on the secondPage from the C++ side. Therefore, I connect to the loaded signal

    QQuickItem *p_loaderPage = object->findChild<QQuickItem *>("loaderPage");
    connect(p_loaderPage, SIGNAL(loaded()), this, SLOT(findViews()));

    When I first load a page (say pageA) everything seems to be working fine. But if I load a new page on top of that (either pageB or pageA a second time), I still get the data from the old page in findViews(). It seems that the signal is triggered too early. I'd appreciate any help.

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