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Mouse Cursor changes when i hover over a QTextBrowser or QTextEdit

  • My mouse (custom cursor) changes to a normal white pointer over a QTextBrowser and the line edit cursor over QTextEdit. How do I make it so it keeps the cursor I currently have it set to when I hover over it?

    [Edit: Added code tags -- @Wieland]

  • Hi! You can use void QGuiApplication::setOverrideCursor(const QCursor &cursor) [static] to actually override the cursor for all widgets. See setOverrideCursor for more info.

  • i just want to disable the mosue cursor changing over things such as text browser and text edit during runtime

    I have a drag object when i drag a qpushbutton but i want the dragcursor to be what i set it to to wherever i drag on the screen until i drop

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