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QT User Interface to Simulink?

  • Haii, am a newbie to QT, just had knowledge of QT creator basics.

    I have a simulink model and currently interacting using MATLAB guide GUI. My issue is can a QT user interface created using QT creator supports simulink/MATLAB??

    QT user interface gives a rich user interface, much appealing for the user than any other GUI. So, I want to design a QT ui. Can any one direct me in this issue..

    Thanks in Advance..... :-)

  • It kind of depends what you want to do. If you want to develop a GUI at the same time as your developing the Matlab code then I don't know of an easy way to integrate your Qt GUI with the Matlab engine. Certainly not as tightly as the Matlab GUIDE allows.

    However if you've got the Matlab compiler then it's possible to develop the mathematical logic in Matlab / Simulink then compile it to a C DLL. This can then be controlled from the Qt application.

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