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QML plugin don't work while using QDeclarativeView to load can work

  • today I tried the demo QML plugin of qt on winows 7 x64 , it is in examples/declarative/tutorials/extending/chapter6-plugins ,
    at first I build with qmake , mingw32-make , it said error
    libsupc++/ undefined reference to `_imp___iob'
    and I searched it with google , and found some people meet the same problem , and the solution is to copy this project to other disc , then
    I copy to E://qt/demo , and build with qmake , mingw32-make , and but still it doesn't work , it seems everything is right , I can get the
    dll output in lib , while when I run app.qml , it said PieChart is not a type "PieChart" .
    then I tried to build them in main.cpp, see main.cpp
    #include <QtDeclarative/QtDeclarative>
    #include <QtGui/QtGui>
    #include "piechart.h"
    #include "pieslice.h"

    int main(int argc,char **argv)
    QApplication app(argc,argv);
    QDeclarativeView view;
    return app.exec();
    and Tested , it works , why the plugins don't work , while using QDeclarativeView to load them can work .

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