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Binary PList format

  • I see QSettings supports the XML PList format on the apple platform, does anyone have a suggestion on how to read/write to the binary version of PList on all platforms ?

    i looked at but it has quite a big dependency list.

    is there a multi platform c++ implementation somewhere ?

    just looking for some direction/keywords of where to look next.


  • [[Doc:QSettings]] writes binary plist files by default - and therefore reads them too, of course :-)

  • oooh.. i... i... i'm checking now.. if that's right ..
    it is .. thank you very very much !!

    i was looking for a platform independent way, but this will do very well for now.. thanks again.

  • You need to read/write those on Linux/Windows too?

  • You can dive into qt sources to look how it is implemented or use more cross-platform ini-format

  • nah, it's because another (iphone) application writes a binary plist file that i'm trying to read (via dropbox)

    so it can be read by windows and linux machines as well

    going into the qt sources won't help me much because in the platform limitations ( of QSettings it starts with:

    "On Mac OS X, the CFPreferences API used by QSettings expects..."

    so that CFPreferences API won't be available on non mac platforms.

    using ini files would have been great if i controlled the iphone application, but i don't.

    I'll have another look when i finish my mac version first.

    thanks all for thinking along. it's much appreciated !!

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