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toolBar at the bottom

  • I'm sorry I have to ask this because I'm sure there is a simple solution to this:
    I want to have a tool bar, but at the bottom of my application window. I'm working with Qt 5.3.2,s o the footer for the ApplicationWindow has not yet been introduced.

    anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.bottom 

    also doesn't seem to work. I tried the statusBar but items in the statusBar are not clickable.

  • anchors.bottom: parent.bottom

  • I just tried your code and it would work with a normal toolbar. However, I copied the code of a ToolBar from an example which I don't fully understand. My Code looks like this:

    toolBar:  BorderImage {
    source: "images/toolbar"

    Can you explain to me why the t of toolBar has to be a lower case t? Does the colon mean that toolBar is a property? And why can't I anchor the BorderImage to the bottom?

  • I haven't used older Quick Controls, on 2, but it looks like the toolBar is the property of ApplicationWindow as you said, and it's always located automatically. You can leave out the ApplicationWindow *Bar properties and create a main layout (ColumnLayout) where you put your items, the toolbar in the bottom and everything else above it.

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