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QTableView Editor closes after losing focus

  • Dear friends,

    I have a QTableview which have components on the cell like QLineEdit ,QComboBox, QCheckBox. So What I actually i wanted to do achieve like suppose i am entering some values in my QLineEdit then the editor is open after that I press Alt+Tab to open another application.when i came back on the QLineEdit(table) then the editor is close so i can not write any more untill unless i click the QlineEdit again.

    So basicly i want to achieve that QTableView should work like Excel works.When We switch using ALT+Tab and again i came back on QLineEdit the editor should be open and i can write until unless i move to the next cell.

    Please suggest me some ideas how can we achieve this or some example or some link .
    Thanks in Advance

  • Moderators

    by default the editor is closed on focus-out.
    To overcome this, you can subclass QStyledItemDelegate and reimplement editorEvent() and simply return true in case of an focusout event.

  • @raven-worx
    i have a class inherited from QStyledItemDelegate and re implemented the editorEvent() and return the true when event type is focus out. My problem is now like when we press the ALT+Tab and change to the another application.In that case focus out event never comes. I tried to find the reason may be the editor is deleted.

    Is there anyway should i try ???

  • Moderators

    also filter the TAB/BACKTAB key press events.
    See this -> check every case where the closeEditor() signal is emitted.

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