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Context Senitiive Help

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to get context sensitive help working in my application and I can't get anything returned from a supplied ID. in the end, I tried the help example supplied with QT \Qt\Examples\Qt-5.7\help\contextsensitivehelp and loaded this project out of the box. It has exactly the same problem. The application runs, but no help is displayed in the help window.

    The help files are there, and I can load the qhc file in my general help application. It's like I'm missing some core component needed, but not getting any error messages? Can anyone shine any light on this?

    To duplicate, all you need to do is run the supplied example out of the box. That's all I've done.

  • Hi, might it have something to do with this note in the docs for the QHelpEngineCore class?

    Note: qsqlite4.dll needs to be deployed with the application as the help system uses the sqlite driver when loading help collections.

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