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QPainter & QPrinter

  • Hello
    The software that I'm making is POS , so now i got litile problem with the printer
    I want make the QPainter draw text on the center , but the problem is with the points ( it will have different point with different paper size)

    int height = printer->heightMM();
        int width = printer->widthMM();
        QPainter painter(printer); // create a painter which will paint 'on printer'.
        painter.drawText(QPoint(height +130, width),ConfigDialog::_shopName);

    So this code wont really help , so how i can make it draw text on the top middle , so how i do it ?

  • Moderators

    Use drawText() overload that uses a rectangle, not point and specify alignment in that rectangle to be top and centered horizontally:

    int height = printer.height();
    int width = printer.width();
    painter.drawText(QRect(0, 0, width, height), Qt::AlignTop | Qt::AlignHCenter, ConfigDialog::_shopName);

  • @Chris-Kawa thx :)

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