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Why I can't run qt components on my computer

  • hi guys
    I download the source code of qt componennts with desktop version from git , and I build with mingw32-make , and nmake , all succeeded , while when I use qtCreator opened the desktop.qmlproject , when I run the qml examples , it has the following errors
    the first time , error is this
    plugin cannot be loaded for module " Qt Components.desktop-components.desktop.examples.components": The plugin 'E:/study/qt/projects/QML/components/Nokia Qt Components/desktop-components/desktop/examples/components/plugin/styleplugin.dll' uses incompatible Qt library. Expected build key "Windows msvc release full-config", got "Windows mingw debug full-config"
    import "components"
    then I think it is because I used mingw32-make , then I open the visual studio 2008 command line , and try to use nmake to build , but the new errors comes
    it is saying :
    fatal error LNK1112:module machine type "X86" conflicts with target machine type "x64"

    I don't know why , and I thought at first , the qt components can be built in several ways , I think all of them should work , why here it only ask to use msvc make to build it , and also it has problems about the target .

  • They can be built in several ways, but you need to use same version of compiler for Qt and Qt Components.
    Second error is about your system arch. You are using 64-bit machine, but some of your libs were built for 32-bit machine.

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