Deselect an index from TreeView in QML

  • Hi,
    I would like to deselect an index in a Treeview programmatically and from QML. I have a function that accepts the QModelIndex of the tree node that needs to be deselected and I do the following:

    function deselectNode(index)
    {, ItemSelectionModel.Deselect)

    I expect this function to trigger the selectionChanged event on the tree and deselect that index, but it does nothing. I also tried with Toggle. Is there another way to deselect just one single node from tree?
    In other words, I want to do what Cmd/Ctrl + Click on a tree node does, but in Qml.

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    @ehsanen Did you set ItemSelectionModel for TreeView ?

    selection: ItemSelectionModel {
        model: myModel

    However it didnt work with the SingleSelection (possibly a bug?) but it does if you set other mode for eg. ExtendedSelection

    selectionMode: SelectionMode.ExtendedSelection

  • Sorry my mistake. The code I provided actually works, the problem was I was selecting another node of the tree mistakenly in another part of my code.

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