in QtCreator, how to control the build progress bar with compilation progress

  • I'm using QtCreator with a custom toolchain, make.bat, under windows.
    This make.bat makes all the source syncqing and compiling stuff. It has many steps, and takes a while.

    However, since QtCreator doesn't know anything about what's my make.bat doing, the QtCreator building progress bar (the green one on the right bottom corner) doesn't grow little by little. It just changes from 0 to 100%, all of a sudden, when my make.bat is finished with errorlevel 0.

    Is there a way a can tell QtCreator the progress of compilation?, so that QtCreator can update de green build progress indicator accordingly

    for example, I could print some text in my make.bat, such as:

    call do_Stuff_1.bat
    echo [ 25%%] syncqing...
    call do_Stuff_2.bat
    echo [ 50%%] parsing hola.cpp...
    call do_Stuff_3.bat
    echo [ 75%%] compiling...
    call do_Stuff_4.bat
    echo [100%%] done

    And QtCreator could parse it (such as it parse the errors and warnings) and update the building progress indicator

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