How can i update QMenu and sub menu title text 's dynamically

  • i have QMenu that holds sub menu
    i like to be able to update each menu title string dynamccly for example
    i have this menu

    @[main menu ] Groups 2
    [sub menu] group_X 3
    [sub menu] group_Y 1@

    i like to be able to change only the numbers part of the string in each menu entry from my application
    which approach should i peek ?


  • You can simply change the text property of the "QAction": that the menu item represents.

  • say im using this method :
    @menu -> setTitle (tr ("Number %1") .arg ("123"));@
    how can i update dynamically the arg() method without rewriting the title over and over again
    from outside .

  • You can't. The "%1" is "lost" when you call QString::arg().
    If you want to just update the "%1" part, you need to store the original QString somewhere, and use it again, with arg(), to create the updated menu title.
    Alternatively, you could search the existing title for a number, and replace the number.

  • but still in any of your methods i still have to rewrite the text , right ?

  • Yes but why is that a problem for you? Constructing a formatted string is of very minimal cost when compared to actually getting it rendered on-screen. I think you are trying to optimise away a problem that doesn't exist.

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