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QAxObject->Excel setNumberFormat does not work

  • Hello,
    I tried to set the format of a date-Excel-cell.

    It does not work, I get always the standard format.

    Its most likely not a Qt problem, but maybe someone had the same problem. Here is my code. Obj is the QAxObject* for the Cell, QString f;

           Obj->setProperty("NumberFormat", f);
           Obj->dynamicCall("SetNumberFormat(const QString&)", f); 
           Obj->setProperty("NumberFormatLocal", f);
           Obj->dynamicCall("SetNumberFormatLocal(const QString&)", f); 
    Nothing works !

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Are you sure a Cell has SetNumberFormat ?
    Seems to be from the Range object.

    Maybe something like
    QAxObject * range = worksheet->querySubObject("Cells(int,int)", 1, 1);
    if (!range) { qDebug()<<"range does not exist"; return };
    range->dynamicCall("SetNumberFormat(const QString&)", formatStr);

  • Hello @mrjj ,
    I use a similar code like you. My Obj is your range of one cell.
    The Obj is a correct pointer, it works, I can Obj->setProperty("Value", var);

    After setting the NumberFormat, I read the it and get always the german standard format "TT.MM.JJJJ hh:mm".


    PS: I there a way to find out if a ActiveX call has worked/ was accepted ?

  • I have found it, stupid error.
    The format string, I simple copied from a demo code was not invalid.

    Nevertheless my last question stays:
    I there a way to find out if a ActiveX call has worked/ was accepted ?

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