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Qt 5.7 for WinRT and dynamic libraries

  • I've tried to build the HelloWorld example using Qt for WinRT and it worked good, but if I want to add a custom libary then the app gets crashed on start saying:

    qt.winrtrunner: Using the Appx profile.
    qt.winrtrunner: Failed to activate application: 0x8027025b "The app didn't start."

    I can build it without errors but the app never starts (DLL file is located in the same dir as EXE). The same project works good using usual Qt for Win. So, the question is who knows how to deploy custom dlls properly under WinRT?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, when loading a .dll in WinRT the normal Win32 functions for loading .dlls like LoadLibrary() cannot be used, instead there's a new function: LoadPackagedLibrary() (more to read here). I'm guessing that's why you get the error.

  • Thanks, will try to investigate it deeper.

  • So, the problem was not in libraries loading but in line:

    DESTDIR = $$OUT_PWD/../bin

    I don't know why but setting DESTDIR doesn't work when building for WinRT.

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