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Visual Studio 2015 with Qt 5 Plugin

  • Hi together,

    I am integrating the plugin Qt5 into Visual Studio 2015 prof.
    Firstly I downloaded and installed the Qt5.7 (32Bit) version. Then I installed the "QtPackage.vsix".
    When I create a Qt project, everything is OK I can compile as well
    Problem is:
    I can not open the ".ui file with Qt Designer.
    Once I try to open this file with the Qt Designer, the Visual Studio 2015 will hang.
    I have Qt installed and reinstalled but it has not brought anything.
    I have also Visual Studio desintalliert and reinstalled but it has also brought nothing.

    I do not know what I have yet to do? : Eek:
    Has anyone an idea what it can be?

    thank you

  • That is the solution:
    Both files ( "debug" and "release") Qt5WebEngineWidgets.dll and Qt5WebEngineWidgets.dll must be deleted or renamed.

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