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QML StateMachine

  • Hi!
    I have 2 parallel states A and B, composed of several child sequential states, say [A1, A2, A3] and [B1, B2, B3]. I would like to activate directly A3 from an external signal S1 without touching the current active state in B.... How can I do that in QML ? in C++ ?

    Right now, I tried transitionType:internal and even try to use an history state (in B) , but it necessitates to use the property 'targetStates' (plural) which does not seem to work in QML...

    Should I go with SCXML or directky with QStateMachine in c++ ?


  • By the way, is there a way to use native pushdown automaton i.e state machine with stack memory? Transitions between states in my app do not depend on signals entirely, it also takes into account previous states of machine.

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